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Feb 18, 2013 4:30pm PST
and make money, too. it's called social or community impact investing. as diane eastabrook reports, this trend is providing a financial boost to many cash- strapped neighborhoods. >> reporter: philanthropy is a way of life for university of chicago senior thomas george, guiding his career goals and investment choices. >> if my money isn't going to be working for something that i don't actlly believin, then i'm not tereed. >> reporter: last summer, george bought a $500 community investment note from calvert foundation. his money is helping finance organizations like growing home. >> so, these are good. >> reporter: growing home's an urban farm that puts the chronically unemployed to work producing fruits and vegetables in one of chicago's poorest neighborhoods. >> community investing is a growing trend both here and in europe. it allows investors to take a financial stake in their communities to improve housing, fight crime and even add jobs. >> reporter: community investing works a couple of different ways. social impact bonds rase pital to aieve aocial al like keeping ex-offenders
Feb 10, 2013 9:00am PST
includes brownback and specker and lindsay graham and teddy kennedy and diane feinstein and richard derbin. was it the position of the subcommittee that pornography leads to divorce. that it is virtual adultery. that it is anything in that order? >> certainly that is what we were there to talk about and it wasn't just me but other expert witnesses who have seen a considerable in marital problems and divorce as a result of pornography, particularly porn on the internet. in 2003 the the american academy of matrimony lawyers, they noticed a startling trend which is that two-thirds of the laurs present had witnessed a sudden rise in divorces related to the internet and six in ten were a result ofhoseas a spoe looking at excessive amounts of pornography on line. the president says 8 years ago porn played almost no role in divorces. today a significant number of cases in which it has a major role if not the decisive role of marriages breaking umm. when you talk to individual divorce lawyers across the country. case after case. one lawyer in dallas says constantly a case in her practice of three
Feb 10, 2013 12:30pm PST
. >> diane feinstein, following up on your point, says, look, we have such a process. i don't think you can calculate the hostility and the enmity that is generated by civilian deaths. >> drones _ the tragic nature of being a superpower. people are going to get drone s and come back at us. but it is still necessary that we do these things because what else are we going to do? >> we have a secret army and the cia is going off on its own. you wrote a book about this -- >> it makes me extremely anxious because the history of a covert action is that it often backfires. i hate to be fruity about this, but if you are a superpower and try to keep peace and the world, you are going to be reprehensible things and it is almost guaranteed to come back and bite you, but you still have to do it. >> i remember you predicted right after 9/11, get ready, we will do unpalatable things. >> of course, it just goes with the territory. >> there was this moment in the hearings that i thought was indicative which was actually about waterboarding and torture, in which brennan said he knew about it and protested it
Feb 20, 2013 11:00pm PST
: and they all need you. >> yeah, but i always go back to people like dian fossey. not that i'm dian fossey, but she dedicated her life to gorillas. and you can dedicate your life to one species and it takes a lifetime so this idea that we should do multiple groups of animals is just not practical so turtles, there's 330 species of tufrts; that's a lot. so we're trying to do just a few turtles. >> rose: you can name all of them? >> (laughs) by and large. there's a few species probably yet to be described but yeah. >> rose: where are most of the turtles in the world? >>any inin the u.s., actually. people don't know that. >> rose: southwest? >> southeast primarily. >> rose: really? >> florida, louisiana. we have -- north america has a lot of turtles. but southeast asia is what they call a hot spot. myanmar there's many different species, colombia in south america where you have a lot of -- >> are those governments responsive? >> you know, that's really a good question. they're -- in these countries myanmar, madagascar, media, the lack of political will with these kinds of lower forms of wildl
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4